Sunday, May 3, 2009


have not really gotten much further on my bedroom makeover. did get a free desk (thanks jack and dave!) today. not perfect, but totally awesome. i am stoked to return part of the back room into some usable.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

numbered mugs

I have been obssessed with these mugs from a photo in the book "Decorating for Modern Living" by Gerd Hatje and Peter Kaspar for quite sometime. It has been suggested that doing this DIY would be quite easy, but I'm lazy. I don't know, something about the font and the simplicity totally does it for me.

Here is info on the book!



I got a beautiful new dresser. Take a look. Oohs and ahhs allowed. I found it through Apartment Therapy Classifieds. The woman who sold it to me was definitely a kindred spirit and helped with great/inexpensive delivery from Santa Cruz.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A long time coming. . .

Ok it has been a super long time since I've posted. I have to admit I have not gotten very far on my room. But there have been some minor adjustments. For example I just purchased a bookshelf/dresser from Thrifttown for $30! I also updated my bed with a new bedspread. That cat has been around, I can't seem to trade him in for a danish dresser anytime soon.
These ceramic owls need to be hung. They were a $25 ebay purchase.
I purchased this vanity chair for $11 from that place Shauplatz on Valencia. Cute, no?
After much procrastination (and assistance) I replaced my old sheer curtains with these brown Ikea curtains. There are 2 curtain rods and I plan on placing a pattern of some form in front of the brown.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let there be more light. . .

So Shayners sent me a link to some items I might love and I do heart these pendant lamps from Design Within Reach (I've swooned over them at the Jackson Square location). Don't think I would actually get these for my room make over. But I heart them. I am definitely on a big lighting kick right now. Boring huh?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Older brother Lampie. . .

lamp, originally uploaded by marascotia.

Hopefully my new lamp will get along with my old one. Here is an older yellow lamp I got for $5.99 at Thrift Town. I added a new lampshade. Everyone suggested getting a dark lampshade, but I am into the clean white look.

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A crackling base

crackling base, originally uploaded by marascotia.

Here is a close up for the lamp I just found. I love the cracks under the glaze. Not sure what this effect is called. . . .But super pretty.